A Dog Was Thrown Out Of A Car During A High-Speed Police Chase And People Have Theories

The dog has since been returned to its rightful owner after its wild ride was captured by news helicopters.

A Los Angeles–area car chase came to a close on Wednesday with a small dog being thrown out of the moving vehicle.

Dog scampers out of moving car during pursuit through Palmdale neighborhood. https://t.co/uaToj3q0Tk

A spokesperson for the LAPD told BuzzFeed News the car had been reported stolen on Nov. 1.

On Wednesday, the suspect, who was not immediately identified, was taken into custody following the high-speed pursuit.

The dog, who police said did not belong to the suspect, is "safe" and has been "returned to the rightful owner."

After the footage aired, the dog quickly gained a number of supporters for rejecting a "life of crime."

@auntbeckyrose @NBCLA Better headline: Good dog rejects life of crime.

@NBCLA Dog is like "Man let me go, I'm outta here"

Though others are wondering if he was just making his great escape.

That car chase with the dog running like he’s a criminal too made my day

When your accomplice is a dog and the pooch it like, "Fuck this shit, I'm out!"

Regardless, BuzzFeed News can confirm that the pooch is most certainly a Very Good Dog.

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