Spongebob Fans Are Loving The Birthday Cake A Girl Got Her Brother

"I thought of something funnier than 24..."

As siblings, Syren Sandoval and Gage Garcia share a lot of things — particularly their undying love of Spongebob.

Syren Sandoval

"When we were little, we would watch cartoons together all the time," Sandoval, 18, told BuzzFeed News.

One of these times, the Texas siblings were watching the Spongebob episode "New Student Starfish," in which Patrick goes to boating school with Spongebob and accidentally tells Mrs. Puff his name is "24."

Of course, as any true fan knows, what follows is this iconic scene:

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"I thought of something funnier than 24," Spongebob whispers to Patrick in the scene, as the two fight hysterics. "25!"

The siblings "could not stop laughing" and quoted the scene all day.

Syren Sandoval

"My mom got so annoyed of it," Sandoval said. "And later on that night, she was yelling about us not cleaning up and the house being dirty...and I whispered to my brother, 'Hey Gage, you know what's funnier than 24?'"

"My mom was livid, but we literally could not stop laughing about it," she said.

So, on Saturday, for Garcia's 25th birthday, she knew there was really only one option for his cake.

Syren Sandoval

Sandoval said her sister-in-law told her Garcia hadn't been feeling too psyched about "getting old."

"I just so happened to see that photo on Twitter while I was thinking about our past memories together," she said. "I thought, 'Oh my gosh! That's a great idea to make him feel better about being 25!'"

She posted the cake on Twitter, where more than 70,000 people were fully obsessed with it.

My brother turned 25 so I bought him this cake

People are calling Sandoval the best sister ever, and pretty much everyone under 25 wants to get the same cake one day.

Where do they sell sisters like this? https://t.co/jIqakrRce4

this is sweet and clever at the same time https://t.co/IToqjxjfLo

I want this cake when I turn 25. https://t.co/ikrOlzi8St

Best of all, Garcia absolutely loved his birthday cake.

Syren Sandoval

"Honestly, I haven't seen him this happy in so long," she said.