A "Frozen And Unresponsive" Cat Was Saved After It Was Found Buried In The Snow

Fluffy is now back home and doing great.

A cat that was found "essentially frozen and unresponsive" is doing well after veterinarians saved her life.

Fluffy, who lives in Montana, was found injured and buried in the snow Thursday. Her owners immediately rushed her to the Animal Clinic of Kalispell.

"It was an 'all hands on deck' situation when she was brought back to our treatment room," Andrea Dutter, the clinic's executive director, told BuzzFeed News.

The vets, Dr. Jevon Clark and Dr. China Corum, went straight to work thawing Fluffy out.

They melted the snow and ice off her with warm water, then dried her with hair dryers and warm-from-the-dryer towels. Once her body temperature had risen enough, they gave her fluids with an IV and let her rest in a heated kennel.

The following day, Fluffy was doing much better and able to go home with her owners.

Dutter said Fluffy always had access to her owner's house, so it is believed she "encountered some sort of trauma which prevented her from getting back."

She went back to the vet on Tuesday for a follow-up and is now totally recovered, Dutter said.

"Today, her family reports that she is doing great and is amazing," she said. "Kudos to her family for acting so quickly to get Fluffy in to see our doctors right away."

Now, the hardy cat is warm, dry, healthy, and of course, fluffy as ever.

"She is truly an amazing cat that has overcome and is lucky to have the owners that she does," Dutter said.