Police Shot Two People, Killing One, As A Baby Sat In The Backseat

Austin police said the incident began when the man driving the car cut off an off-duty officer and flashed a gun at him.

Police in Austin shot two people early Tuesday morning, killing one man, while a baby sat in the pair's backseat.

In a press conference, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said an off-duty officer had been driving in his personal car when the man, who was driving behind him, "abruptly cut him off." The officer claimed the man pointed a gun at him.

The officer, who did not have a body camera on him as his shift had ended, then fired at the man multiple times, according to the chief. He then followed the car until it stopped and several additional officers surrounded it.

Manley said body camera footage of the incident, which only began when backup officers arrived, shows a woman lying on the ground on the passenger side of the vehicle. The man got out of the driver's side, he said, and allegedly ignored commands to step away from the vehicle and put his hands up.

Chief Manley provides briefing on January 5th officer involved shooting. https://t.co/wBVF9E0iDR

Twitter: @Austin_Police

Witness footage published by WVUE captured the fatal shooting from a nearby balcony. (Warning: This video is disturbing.)

According to Manley, the man then walked around to the back passenger door, opened it, and reached in, at which point another officer shot him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Neither the officers, nor any of the victims, have been identified at this time.

The woman, who police said is 33 and Latina, was transported to a hospital for surgery. She is now said to be in a stable condition.

The baby was not injured and was also brought to the hospital, where child placement services are being arranged.

Police located one firearm at the scene, according to Manley.

The incident is now under investigation, and the two involved officers have been "placed on an administrative duty." One has been with the Austin Police Department for two years, while the other for five.

"This is a very dynamic and unfolding investigation right now, as I've laid out, and there's a lot of work that will continue to be done through the early morning and through the day today," Manley said.

Responding to a reporter's question about whether the shooting was the result of road rage, Manley said he was "not going to speculate what led up to this."

Police are requesting any witnesses who were present to come forward.

This is the second Austin police shooting in less than 24 hours.

Early Monday morning, one person was shot in the leg and then arrested for aggravated robbery following a standoff at a hotel.

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