Germans Are Shocked And Devastated That A Far-Right Party Is In Parliament For The First Time In 65 Years

"Y'all living in 2017 while Germany's living in 1933."

In Germany's election on Sunday, the far-right party Alternative for Germany (AfD) is predicted to win 13.5% of the vote, the largest percentage since the Nazis rose to power in 1933.

Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Germans reacted with shock and devastation at the news.

So more than one eighth of my fellow Germans are Nazis. Sobering, to say the least. #BTW17

In case you were wondering: no, there is no German word to adequately express my horror at these election results. #BTW17

There is a 13,5% chance I'll drink myself to sleep in hope to wake up and realizing I just had a nightmare. Devastated. #BTW17

I am ashamed and shocked. #BTW17 In my heart there is no place for racism.

People were horrified that such a large percentage of Germans could "vote for open racism."

Holy shit. How can we have so many ignorant stupid people in the country? How can you vote for open racism? #btw17


Many saw it as a massive step back for Germany.

Y'all living in 2017 while Germany's living in 1933. #BTW17

germans just took the biggest step back ever, how did we not learn from our past #BTW17

people who voted for afd got obviously no clue what happened 85 years ago when people voted for an extremist #btw17

Germany: we learned from our history and never want it to happen again also Germany: votes AfD 🙄 #btw17

Though some were not entirely surprised...

...especially considering how Trump won.

Remember when we were making fun of Americans for being so stupid.... Yeah.... #BTW17

UK: We're dumb. US: We're dumber. GER: Wait, hold my Bier. #BTW17 #BTW2017 #istschonwieder1930? #blueisthenewbrown

lol throwback when we joked about the us and trump and now we have the afd i’m 🙃 #BTW17

People are really, really angry.

@ everyone who voted for AfD #BTW17

if you are not familiar with German political parties, I made this handy chart for you #BTW17 #GermanyDecides…

And — of course — a lot of people want to move to Canada now.

ok google: how to move to Canada? #BTW17

WTF Germany? I again lost hope in humanity. Isn't Canada a nice place to live in? Gotta move to Canada Or just go live on mars. #BTW17