A New SpongeBob Meme Is Here To Help You Mock Your Enemies

"tHe aBsoLuTe MoSt TrAsH MeMe oF 2K17."

SpongeBob has a long history as meme fodder, and this week, we got a new one.

How i stare back at little kids when they stare for too long

"Mocking SpongeBob," as most have taken to calling it, rose to memedom after @OGBeard used it on Friday, KnowYourMeme noted.

The image comes from SpongeBob episode "Little Yellow Book," in which Squidward reads SpongeBob's diary and finds out he acts like a chicken whenever he sees plaid.

Since its inception, the meme has spread far and wide.

me: "okay act normal" socially anxious me: "sO UuuUhH Do y'All dRinK WatEr oR is tHaT juST Me??? hAHahA"

mcdonald's: "our ice cream machine broke" me: "oUR eyeZ kreeM muhSheen broKe"

*failing classes* Me: "Can I get some extra credit?" Professor: "cAn i GEt SomE eXtRa creDiT?"

It's pretty on point.

Mom: Get your ass in that bed *Goes to room and closes door* Me: gET Ur aSS iN THat bEd

*feels anxiety acting up in public social situation* me: just act cool p: so, how are you?? me, sweating: tHanK… https://t.co/Yz44AFu1X2

Him: *leaves me on delivered last night* Him this morning: "good morning beautiful" Me: gOOd MOrIng beAuTiFul

you: the chainsmokers are so good! me, an intellectual: tHe ChAiNsMoKeRs aRe So gOoD!

Of course, the meme has gotten ~topical~.

Americans: I need healthcare because I have cancer and I'm dying Republicans: I NeEd hEaLtHcArE bEcAuSe I hAvE ca… https://t.co/qTqfYcIn1d

Donald Trump- "I wasn't ready to be president" Us- "I wAhsEnT rEdI 2 🅱️ pReZideNt"

racist white people: i'm not racist but.... me: I'm NoT rAcIsT bUt

And people have gotten creative with it.

me: babe you ready? You been doing your make up for an hour now her: bAbE YoU ReAdY? yOu bEeN dOinG yOuR mAKe uP fO… https://t.co/P2JG1vo1pm

Bf: "I don't even know her like that" Me: "I doNt EveN KnOw heR liKe thAt"

iPhone users: "Android quality is trash" Android users: "aNdRoId QwUliaTY iS TrwAsh"

Like, really, really creative.

"you're wearing too much makeup" me: yOuRE wEaRiNg tOo muCH mAkEuP

Anyway, next time you wish to laugh in the face of your enemies, it's a great meme and incredibly versatile.

Netflix: Are you still watching? Me: aRe U sTilL wAtcHiNg

Teacher: "The bell doesn't dismiss you, I do" Me: "tHe BeLl dOEsnT diZmiSs yOu I dO"

Me: *pulling down her pants* Her: but I didn't shave Me: bUt i diDnT sHaVe

me: I'm tired of u making me feel crazy for having feelings and never taking them into consideration him:

In conclusion:

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