The Internet Does Not Deserve This High School Student Putting Stuff Up Her Nose

She is a shining light, guiding us through the darkness.

A couple weeks ago, Twitter user @tkahb_ made an announcement — she was going to put loads of things up her nose.

jvais vous faire un thread sss objets que je peux rentre dans mon nez

"I'm going to start a thread of objects that I can fit in my nose."

The user, whose real name is Jean, is a high school student from Lille, France.

Jean told BuzzFeed News the idea for the thread came about when she was doing her homework and a friend called her on FaceTime.

"My friend called me, and I was about to answer her call, but then I told myself that I was going to put some objects up my nose," she said. "And I had two felt markers near me, so I put them in."

After hanging up the phone, Jean took pictures of other objects inserted in her nostrils.

"I wanted to share it with my followers," she said. "I knew that I was going to be a hit, but I was not expecting it to be this big."

Jean really experimented with a range of objects – mascara, several cotton buds.

"On FaceTime I managed to put more in, but some fell out while I was taking the picture," Jean said.

A highlighter.

"A highlighter."

Her actions inspired several others to join in, but none could match Jean's skill.

@tkahb_ ptn t forte j'arrive pas a dépasser 14

"Damn I couldn't fit more than 14"

Since it was posted a couple weeks ago, Jean's thread has received thousands of retweets. It has triggered some rather skeptical responses.

@tkahb_ ton trou dnez gauche il a souffert nn? Il est pas plus grand que le trou droit?

"Hasn't your left nostril suffered enough? It's not bigger than the one on the right?"

Some people have just pointed out the obvious.

@tkahb_ @putatoes_ ta un truc dans le nez

"You have something in your nose"

And even shamed her for it.

@tkahb_ elles sont énormes t'es narines :o

"Your nostrils are enormous :o"

But Jean doesn't care. She is above it all.

"As always on Twitter, there are people who didn't understand what I did, but I don't care, I can live with that," she said. "But my French teacher also told me that he had seen the pictures."

Jean is a shining light, guiding us through the darkness.

A candle.

A truly incredible young woman.

@tkahb_ une pièce de 10 pence (équivalent d une pièce de 2€ mais j'ai pas 2€)

"A 10-pence coin (the size of a 2-euro coin but I didn't have that)"

This post was translated from French.

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