The Couple Whose Wedding Was Shut Down By The Shutdown Gets A Much Better Ceremony On "The Colbert Report"

This D.C. couple wanted to get married at the Jefferson Memorial. Instead, they got Stephen Colbert's studio and a special blessing from Mandy Patinkin.

Part 1:

On Tuesday, The Washington Post reported on Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le's unfortunately timed Jefferson Memorial wedding — a "victim to nasty congressional squabbling."

Their 130 guests were already starting to fly in from all over the country for the ceremony this Saturday when they received an ominous e-mail from the National Mall and Memorial Parks permit management office Monday morning. If the federal government shut down and remained shuttered at the wedding's 5:30 p.m. start time Saturday, Cassesso and Le and their family and friends would be barred from stepping foot on the property.

The couple's story was picked up by CNN and the Today show, along with dozens of other national park weddings foiled by the shutdown. But on Thursday night, Stephen Colbert decided to intervene for the D.C. couple. He invited Le, walking down the aisle with an Emmy in lieu of a bouquet, to marry Cassesso in front of his beloved Colbert Nation.

Part 2: