Did You See This: Top Viral Politics Moments Of The Decade! Plus, Wonder Woman Is Finally Back

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The new Wonder Woman trailer is lighting up our group chat, plus a debate about the decade's hottest food trends, and plenty more. Keep scrolling for full episodes on the stories that dominated our feed this week.

Randy Rainbow helps us sort out the top viral political moments of the decade!

Comedian and singer Randy Rainbow took over the group chat with some of his friends to recap 10 years of the most viral moments in politics, from Anthony Weiner’s “Carlos Danger” alias to Nancy Pelosi’s State of the Union clap.

“So meme-worthy, so gif-tastic,” Randy told the chat. “I feel like I just love everything about that clap. Hand-eye coordination, the placement, the expression.”

Wonder Woman gets an incredible new ‘80s look!

The first trailer for the sequel to Patty Jenkins’ 2017 hit Wonder Woman dropped this week and we can’t get enough of the fabulous new 1980s mall aesthetic.

“I like badass women and I like shoulder pads,” BuzzFeed writer Jamé Jackson told the chat. “Just leave them back in the ‘80s.”

Chrissy Teigen spills the tea on the untold side of celebrity life…

The TV personality and model took to Twitter to reveal what it’s really like to be a celebrity and honestly, we can relate.

“She only goes out once a month? Same with me,” comedian Eva Evans joked. “But not because I’m famous. It’s because I don’t have money to go out.”

A look back at the food trends of the 2010s we loved — and hated!

The decade that brought us Insta-worthy food is almost over, so we dished on some of the hits and the misses.

“OK, I’m happy for avocado toast. It made the list,” comedian Anna Roisman explained. “But also I’m even happier to see it go, because I hacked my thumb with a scary avocado injury and I blame the toast.”

Disney is rebooting Home Alone and the internet has some thoughts!

Plenty of adults who grew up on Home Alone aren’t too happy with the news of a reboot sans Macaulay Culkin, but our group chat has mixed feelings.

“This kind of internet uproar happens every time Weezer releases a new album,” comedian Fumi Abe said. “OK, you don’t have to listen to the Teal album, you can just keep rocking with Pinkerton. You don’t have to watch the new movie! Everybody just settle down.”

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