What Food Would You Still Not Eat In Quarantine? Plus, We're Struggling With Home Haircuts!

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Would you try cutting your own hair in quarantine?

Even celebrities are struggling with their hair! Pink shared a story about trying to cut hers after a few drinks, and Chris Evans had to step in after his brother tried to fix his own hairdo.

“I’m not wearing this hat for fashion,” comedian Devon Walker joked. “It’s because no one should see what’s underneath here.”

What food would you still not eat while stuck at home?

Shoppers stocked up on everything from the essentials to comfort foods, but there were some items they still wouldn’t touch!

“I feel bad for chocolate hummus because I feel like that could be tasty, but a global epidemic is not the time to be expanding our palates,” comedian Fumi Abe joked.

The TV doctors of Grey’s Anatomy are helping their real-life counterparts.

Grey’s joined The Resident and other television medical dramas in donating much needed supplies to real doctors on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak.

“You know, speaking of TV shows donating their help, I’m gonna need Marie Kondo to come back and do an organization for quarantine edition,” comedian Andrea Lopez joked.

These celebrities are helping parents keep their kids busy.

Parents are getting a helping hand from bedtime stories with Frozen’s Josh Gad, Spider-Man voicemails from Into the Spider-Verse’s Jake Johnson, and more!

“I like that Josh Gad is not reading kids stories in a fancy mansion,” comedian Michael Salgarolo said. “He’s in his home office. It’s all cluttered. There’s comic books everywhere.”

Take this quiz to see how good you are at social distancing!

You’ve probably already tried Netflix or FaceTime, but how many other self-isolating activities have you done so far?

Have you read any good books? “Yes, I read the instruction manual that came with my new Nintendo Switch,” comedian Max Spinelli said.

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