Did You See This Heartwarming Donkey Reunion? Plus, Check Out This Magical Harry Potter Face Mask!

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A man’s reunion with his pet donkey warmed our hearts

Ismael Fernández was reunited with his pet donkey after being separated for more than two months in lockdown and the video is beautiful!

“When she came to me, she started kissing me and hugging with the mouth,” Fernández said. “And the moment I start crying is the moment she starts braying too.”

A Harry Potter face mask comes with a magical twist

Artist Stefanie Hook created a mask with a hidden print of the Marauder’s Mask that is slowly revealed by the wearer’s breath.

“There are so many scenes in these movies and in the books of course, that inspire us to see magic within the world,” she explained. “And so through a little bit of research and some pigmentation magic, I was able to integrate it into a mask.”

A perfect quarantine recipe for the whole family

Chef Kanchan Koya took on our pantry challenge and created an easy and healthy sheet pan dinner you can make with just a few ingredients you probably already have at home!

“While I am definitely up for a creative quarantine cooking challenge, I’m also a mom to two young kids and always looking for the easy, quick way out,” she explained.

This dad went above and beyond to make his daughter happy at home

This dad built playset replicas of his daughter’s favorite stores so she could keep up with her usual routine while in quarantine.

“I think this guy is setting the bar too high for himself,” comedian Fumi Abe joked. “What’s he going to do next year when his daughter says her favorite store is the Apple Store?”

Roller skates are back in a big way, but good luck finding a pair

Roller skating is making a resurgence thanks to a new quarantine TikTok trend, but some stores are having trouble keeping up with the demand!

“All these TikTokers make it look so glamorous and easy, but they’re not showing the part where they fall and have to put on a band-aid,” comedian Eva Evans said.

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