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The coronavirus has people staying at home, so why not visit a museum from the comfort of your couch!

Museums around the world are letting people take in art and history while practicing social distancing through virtual tours.

“They should do this for Disneyland because no offense to the Mona Lisa, but I would rather watch a parade where Mickey Mouse does magic,” comedian Fumi Abe joked.

These artists are streaming performances for free online.

The coronavirus outbreak has put an end to concerts for the time being, but John Legend, Pink, and more artists are still finding ways to entertain their fans from afar!

“If I could have any livestreamed concert for free right now, it would definitely have to be from Cher,” comedian Anna Roisman said. “But I know she is not going to because she tweeted that she’s watching Fever Pitch.”

Major movie releases are being postponed, but some are coming straight to home video...

A Quiet Place Part II, F9 (the latest in the Fast & Furious franchise), and Black Widow are just some of the anticipated blockbusters now delayed, but there’s some good news! The Invisible Man and other recent releases have been made available for streaming early.

“If I text you that I’m at home Netflix and chilling, it’s legitimate,” comedian Andrea Lopez joked.

14 things you can do while you’re stuck at home

Maybe it’s time for you to learn a new hobby or catch up on some of those chores you put off for too long. Here are a few ways to keep busy while social distancing!

“Get that podcast off the ground,” comedian Max Spinelli suggested. “Record a few episodes then immediately give up on it.”

A Chicago aquarium let their penguins roam free!

Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium is closed to visitors, but staff used the opportunity to let their penguins explore the other exhibits!

“I know this isn’t how it works, but I can’t stop imagining, like, a dolphin just swimming outside my window looking at me just sort of in my enclosure,” comedian Charlie Barday joked.

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