Did You See These Cats Interrupt A News Broadcast? Plus, Chuck E. Cheese’s Delivery Secret!

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These adorable cats interrupted a live news broadcast.

A reporter in the Philippines working from home went viral after her cats stole the show by getting into a fight right behind her!

“It’s funny 'cause you can really tell she's unfazed by what's happening,” comedian Arti Gollapudi said. “She's just like, 'It’s day 60 of quarantine, of course this is going on.'”

A local pizzeria on some delivery apps is actually just Chuck E. Cheese!

A Grubhub user ordering from “Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings” got an unwelcome surprise when her order arrived from Chuck E. Cheese.

“I can’t believe Chuck E. Cheese is out here catfishing. Just be yourself,” comedian Eva Evans said. “Someone will love you for who you are.”

We challenged this chef to make meals with just five ingredients!

Chef Joe Sasto took our quarantine pantry cooking challenge to whip up two easy meals with just five ingredients each and some kitchen staples!

With spaghetti, red pepper, smoked sausage, greek yogurt, and eggs, he put his own twist on a classic carbonara.

“Please don't cut your spaghetti,” Sasto joked. “If you do that, I don’t know if we can be friends.”

For his second challenge, we gave Chef Sasto a lime, hot sauce, Brussels sprouts, bread, and lobster tails.

“If you’re craving one of those East Coast lobster rolls, this almost satisfies that craving,” he explained. “I‘m a happy man.”

What is everyone drinking in quarantine?

With bars still closed across most of the country, a Google Trends report gave some insight into which cocktails stay-at-home bartenders prefer in different states. Those in Illinois, New Jersey, and New York are mixing up Manhattans, while Wisconsin is making grasshopper cocktails!

“My go-to drink has been two Red Bulls, then scrolling through social media for four hours,” comedian Andrés Govea joked.

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