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This Greek MP Said The Most Sexist Thing About His Country's Debt Crisis

Here, have some misogyny with your austerity.

Posted on July 10, 2015, at 3:26 p.m. ET

This is Evripidis Stylianidis, and he seems to have his own personal revolving door in Greek politics.

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He's been minister of a lot things — interior, transportation and communication, education and religious affairs, and a deputy minister of foreign affairs — and he's been in and out of the Greek parliament since 2009.

Also, the 49-year-old wants you to know that he was, basically, class president back in 1984, according to his personal website.

And he has a pretty smarmy thing to say about the anti-austerity party in Greece.

Ο ΣΥΡΙΖΑ είναι σαν τη γυναίκα : • Όταν λέει ΟΧΙ εννοεί ΙΣΩΣ. • Όταν λέει ΙΣΩΣ εννοεί ΝΑΙ • Όταν λέει ΝΑΙ δεν είναι γυναίκα.

Translation: Misogyny.

His Tweet is about the Syriza party of the Greek prime minister, a leader in the crusade against European Union austerity measures that were defeated in a referendum vote on Sunday — making them something like national heroes and international pariahs, all at the same time.

Stylianidis, who is a member of the conservative New Democracy party and wanted a "yes" vote in the referendum, tweeted about the leftist Syriza party:

"Syriza is like a woman. When she says no, she means maybe. When she says maybe, she means yes, and when she says yes, she's not a woman."


You could definitely say that the tweet has attracted backlash.

@e_stylianidis το όχι μιας γυναίκας σημαίνει όχι. Πρέπει να απολογηθείτε ΤΩΡΑ στα θύματα βιασμού στη χώρα λόγω της νοοτροπίας που μοιράζεστε

Most of us don't speak much Greek, but this is basically the idea:

(The actual translation is "A woman's no means no. You must apologize NOW to victims of rape for the opinion you shared." But we like our version better.)

This reply seems sassier:

Είσαι απολύτως γελοίος και από αυτή τη στιγμή υπόλογος για τη βία εναντίων των γυναικών. Η Ευρώπη σας μάρανε κατσαπλιάδες. @e_stylianidis

Like, more along the lines of:

20th Century Fox

(Actual translation: "You are absolutely ridiculous and from this moment on, responsible for violence against women. As if you didn't have enough problems, you wanted to join Europe.")

And this one:

@maledictus @e_stylianidis εμετικό σχόλιο κ. Στυλιανιδη. Αφού βιασατε τη χώρα τώρα χρησιμοποιείτε και τα επιχειρήματα βιαστών.

It is straight up:

(Actual translation: "Vomit-inducing comment, Mr. Stilianidi. After raping the country you now use rapists' arguments."

...Actually this GIF might be too tame for this comment.)