Violence Erupts At Trump Rally In Richmond, 5 Arrested

Tensions appeared to escalate Friday night when a Trump supporter entered a crowd of protesters and began shouting. Police said five people were taken into custody.

Fighting erupted Friday night outside a Donald Trump rally in Richmond, Virginia, prompting police to quickly detain five people.

Protestors have left holding area outside the rally and are now marching through the streets:

The violence broke out near the Richmond Coliseum, where the Republican presidential candidate was holding an event with supporters. Images from the scene showed a crowd tussling with a line of police officers.

Moments ago outside Trump rally in Richmond, VA:

Tensions initially appeared to escalate when a Trump supporter entered a crowd of protesters and began shouting.

Violence at Richmond Trump rally, Part 1: Trump supporter goes into protest area, taunts protesters:

Shortly after the violence began, police tweeted that they had detained five people. One of those people was charged with disorderly conduct.

VIDEO: #Trump supporter being arrested in Richmond

Protesters later marched through the streets of downtown Richmond, while police in riot gear formed lines.

Left the rally for commotion outside, 200 or so marching through downtown Richmond

Friday's rally and protest also drew a variety of unusual political signs, one of which accused the candidate of hating "taco Tuesday."

Another sign, from inside the rally, expressed interest in memes.

Trump campaign staffer just said these signs can't be displayed here

And still another protest poster shared a scatalogical poem.

By far the most original sign I've seen from the anti-Trump protestors here in Richmond:

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