Flood Kills Texas Homecoming Queen On Her Way Home From Prom

Alyssa Ramirez, a homecoming queen and cheerleader, died after flood waters swept her car off the road. She joins a growing list of victims from the devastating floods that have swamped the Great Plains.

Alyssa Ramirez was driving away from her senior prom Saturday night when her car stalled in high water. She never made it home.

Ramirez, 18, was about 50 miles from San Antonio, Texas, and just minutes from Devine, a small town where she was on her high school's cheer, tennis, and volleyball teams, according to Fox San Antonio. She was only a few miles from her home.

The entire region has been battered by relentless rain and flooding since the weekend, and when Ramirez's car stalled, "she did the right things," her aunt Roberta Ramirez told Fox San Antonio.

"She called 911," Roberta said. "She called her father, but it was just too much and too quick."

After getting the call, Ramirez's parents left to search for her. But before they could find her, the car was swept away in the flood.

Crews later found her body.

Alyssa Ramirez passed away after car swept away by flood water. Friends say she was always smiling.

Ramirez was a homecoming queen last year and the student council president at her school. In the wake of her death, family and friends have spoken out about how the positive influence she had on those around her.

"Every time you walk by her, she was smiling, lightened up everybody's mood," Shay Agbert, a friend, told Fox San Antonio.

Ramirez joined a growing list of people in Texas and Oklahoma who were killed in the deadly storm system:

Claremore Fire Capt. Jason Farley:

Farley died around midnight Sunday while conducting rescues in Claremore, Oklahoma. According to Tulsa World, Farley stepped into a deep ditch filled with fast-moving water and was carried into a pipe. A GoFundMe page created to support Farley's family described him as a veteran of the Claremore Fire Department with almost 20 years of experience.

Damien Blade, 14, of DeSoto, Texas:

Blade disappeared Saturday with his two dogs, Lucky and Rocco. Rocco later returned home, muddy and dragging his leash behind him, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Crews found the bodies of Blade and Lucky in a drainage ditch Sunday morning.

"He loved his dogs, and his dog died with him," Blades' mother, Teresa Sheppard, told the Morning News.

Sheppard also said that Blade and other kids in the area liked exploring the culverts and storm drains in the area because there are few other open spaces.

"That's all they have," she said. "They don't have a neighborhood park."

A man also died in Milam County, Texas.

Authorities have not identified the man, but said he died when a tornado hit his mobile home. The home was located in Pettibone, a community in Milam County, east of Austin.

Several other members of the community were injured in the storm.