23 Things That Happen On Every Episode Of "Shark Tank"

"This post is DEAD to me." - Kevin O'Leary

1. Someone values their company laughably high.

2. Kevin O'Leary yells, "There's nothing proprietary about this!"

3. An ambitious child entrepreneur makes you realize how little you've succeeded in life.

4. Someone's like, "I was in, but then you raised your eyebrows weird so now I'm out."

5. Daymond throws some subtle shade.

6. Barbara Corcoran makes a deal.

7. Someone comes in with like $15 in sales.

8. Kevin makes this hand gesture.

It's called the "raised steeple" and it's a body language power gesture.

9. Mark Cuban gives someone advice.

10. Daymond's diamond earrings are mesmerizing.

11. Mark gets mad at someone.

12. An attractive woman wears next to nothing.

13. The Sharks declare a business isn't "scalable."

14. Someone wears a goofy hat.

15. Kevin goes out.

16. Awkward dancing.

17. Bald jokes.

18. Kevin offers someone a royalty deal.

19. Robert is gentle and nice but still goes out.

20. Someone sucks up to Mark by giving him a sample of their products in Mavs colors.

21. There's a business you just KNOW is doomed.

22. A Shark threatens to revoke their offer if the entrepreneur doesn't make a decision in 0.2 seconds.

23. Someone is dead to Kevin.

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