The World Isn't Ending, Bubble Wrap Is Here To Stay

Life is still bubbly.

Popping Bubble Wrap, one of the great joys in life, will be around for many years to come, a spokesperson for manufacturer Sealed Air Corp. told BuzzFeed News.

A Wall Street Journal report that the company is developing a new wrap without the signature "pop" led to mass bubble hysteria today.

This new product, iBubble Wrap, is sold flat and can be inflated by the shipper. The new packaging is considerably cheaper and takes up less space, making it attractive to buyers.

A lot of people interpreted this as the end of Bubble Wrap as we know it, and were understandably distraught.

Bubble Wrap No Longer Popable, Life No Longer Worth Living

Very distraught.

I just heard on the news that the new bubble wrap can't be popped which proves to me that evil does exist in the world...

But it's not quite accurate. "Regular Bubble Wrap isn't going anywhere, and will be around long after we're both dead," spokesperson Ken Aurichio told BuzzFeed News.

So don't be sad.

Because the joy of popping will still be available.