This Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Nailed Her Lieutenant Dan Costume

Forever a fighter.

Boston Marathon bombing survivor Rebekah Gregory has had to overcome many obstacles since the April 2013 attack.

In spite of the challenges she faced, the 27-year-old has always maintained an upbeat spirit, even writing a breakup letter before she had her leg amputated last fall.

And she ran in this year's Boston Marathon with her new prosthetic leg.

For this year's Halloween, Gregory made the most of her unique situation and dressed up as Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump.

Yes, that Lieutenant Dan.

She shared her photo on Facebook, which was met with overwhelming praise and support.

This isn't the first time she's handled her situation with humor: She posted this picture of her prosthetic leg made to look like the lamp from A Christmas Story earlier this year.

Lieutenant Dan would certainly approve.

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