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Two Moose Locked In Mortal Combat Found Frozen In Ice

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Posted on November 18, 2016, at 7:40 p.m. ET

Two hikers in Alaska came across two bull moose earlier this month frozen in ice while locked in mortal combat.

Jeff Erickson / Via

As in, they literally somehow drowned while fighting each other to what ended up being the death. And then the water froze.

Jeff Erickson / Via

Jeff Erickson wrote on Facebook that he and Brad Ungalek came across the moose encased in ice near Unalakleet, Alaska, along the Bering Sea. Moose bulls tend to be most aggressive toward each other in the fall during mating season, and were likely battling over a female or territory.

Dan Joling / AP

Bill Samuel, a moose expert at the University of Alberta in Canada, told National Geographic that while he has never seen anything like it, the enormous strength of moose bulls, combined with the irregular shapes of their antlers, can result in vice-like entanglements.

Jeff Erickson / Via

Erickson wrote that they returned a couple days later to cut the two heads out and clean them up. RIP, mighty moose.