This Rescued Dolphin Named "Sharkie" After She Was Attacked By Sharks Was Returned To The Ocean

It's been a shit week, so let's discuss the very good story of Sharkie the dolphin.

Hello. It's been a rough week for news.

So rough and unending that many of you are probably like this:

But raise that chin, because there is still goodness in this world. And today, we're going to highlight the story of Sharkie the dolphin.

Sharkie, an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, was 265 pounds when she was rescued at Ponte Vedra Beach in Florida in February with multiple shark bites on her body and on her right pectoral flipper.

Like, literal shark chomps that were deemed life-threatening.

Sharkie was transported to SeaWorld's cetacean rehabilitation facility in Orlando, where she received 24-hour care and treatment.

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In the ensuing months, Sharkie got better and stronger.

So much stronger that on Thursday, Sharkie was brought back to the water off St. Augustine, Florida, and fitted with a satellite tag.

See? Good news!

Take care, Sharkie. And watch for sharks!

You can watch Sharkie's recovery and return to sea here:

Facebook: video.php
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