Kanye West Just Surprised Everyone With A New Track On His Website And Literally WTF Is It

🎤poop didi whoop scoop🎶

So Kanye West was in the news a lot this week and had a lot of people asking, "What in the literal fuck?!" It involved his wife Kim Kardashian, Trump, splintered celebs, a MAGA hat — catch up here because no one has the time to go through it.

He also announced that a new album would be coming out in June, which had people celebrating but given the last few days are now probably a little nervous tbh.

Well, on Friday, Kanye didn't do a lot to calm the water when he snapped us back with a WTF track that he posted to his website. Listen for yourself. All the way. To. The end.

Lift Yourself https://t.co/shjFIROujA

It's on his website here.


Reaction was swift and immediate to what appears to be lyrics that involve scooping 💩. We did the work for you and attempted an unofficial transcription of the lyrics:

whoopidi scoop

scoopdidi whoop

whoopdi scoopdi poop

poopdi scoopdi scoopdi whoop

whoopidi scoop whoop poop

poop didi whoop scoop


scoopdidi whoop

whoop didi scoop

whoopdidi scoop poop

People were like...

When Kanye new song playin and you hear him come in wit “whoopity scoop poop “


Kanye’s new single actually just broke my bed

Convos got lit.

/r/kanye in absolute meltdown mood after Kanye posted that whoop didi poop track

It seems not even the power of Twitter's brain could decide what the lyrics were.

A lot of people also weren't here for whatever Kanye was bringing.

Still others were into that shit.

@kanyewest Kanye: “Woopbeedeeacoop scoopdeedeewoop woopdescoopdeepoop” Me:


Send help.

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