"Game Of Thrones" Went There With Dany And Cersei And Jaime And WHEW It Was Awesome

You're already spoiled.

They did it.

Cersei and her brother Jaime are (apparently) dead.

And Dany is apparently now the Mad Queen.

You heard that right.

People are upset.

RIP to the saddest #GameOfThrones deaths so far: the writing, character development, and the storylines they completely forgot about.

Dany for 7 seasons: Has never killed innocent people, stood up for them, freed slaves, people looked up to her. Dany in season 8: Hears bells of surrender and for some fucking stupid reason starts killing innocent people. #GameofThrones #DemThrones

cersei’s “death” and the undoing of jamie’s redemption arc I just- #GameofThrones

Get over it.

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