Someone Cut Out A Fox That Was Frozen In River Ice Because Why Not?

What did it say, tho?

This is a fox, preserved in a block of ice after drowning in a river in Germany. Sad.

The fox fell through the ice on the Danube river in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The poor thing was cut out by a hunter and put on display last week outside a hotel in Fridingen as a warning to the public:

Don't. Walk. On. The. Ice.

Otherwise, you might end up like this fox, found frozen in Regent's canal in London in 2009.

How many foxes have to die?

Fox broke through the ice and came out as frozen block:

RIP, sad fox.

#bestcarcass: This fox has broken through a thin layer of ice into the river Danube near the German town of Friding…

And mind the ice.

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