Giant Dolphin Gives Birth Right In Front Of A Tour Group

What a whale of a tale.

A tour of whale watchers off California this weekend witnessed something rarely seen IRL in the open ocean: A LIVE BIRTH.

The birth of a false killer whale — a large species of dolphin — on Saturday was filmed by a tour group off Dana Point in Southern California.

The birth, which took place in front of a group with Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari, occurred in mere seconds as onlookers gasped.

"What a once in a lifetime thing to see! In over 20 years on the water, I have never seen anything like that," company owner Dave Anderson said in a statement. "And I know of no one who has ever seen a wild Pseudorca birth!"

Immediately after the birth, the false killer whale mother worked to keep the newborn close to the surface to help it breathe.

The pod of about 40 huddled around the calf and they spent roughly 10 minutes taking turns pushing it to the surface while the newborn learned how to swim.

The birth was even more of a rare sight considering false killer whales are typically not seen off the coast of California, keeping instead to warmer waters.

After adjusting to its new environment, the newborn appeared to get its rhythm down as it swam alongside its new family.

"Wow, what a blessing from God this was," Anderson said. "What a miracle."

Watch the full clip here:

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