California's First Dog, Sutter, Returns To Work After Cancer Diagnosis

Sutter Brown the corgi is still recuperating after emergency surgery discovered cancerous growths, only some of which were able to be removed.

California Gov. Jerry Brown's famous corgi, Sutter, is back on the job after emergency surgery, albeit in a limited scope.

BREAKING: #FirstDog returns to work, resumes limited office trash can inspections, rigorous nap schedule. #GoodBoy

First Dog Sutter Brown was diagnosed with "very aggressive cancer" after the surgery earlier this month and given a poor prognosis for recovery, cutting the souls of pretty much every Californian.

Sutter was rushed to an animal hospital after suddenly becoming ill, Evan Westrup, a spokesman for the governor's office, told BuzzFeed News.

The governor and First Lady Anne Gust Brown were at the hospital for the surgery, during which numerous masses were found in his intestines, lymph nodes, and liver.

Biopsy results confirmed the cancer, but he was able to recover enough to return home to spend what time he has left with his family.

Keep fighting Sutter! We want you home. #suttercomehome

I love being home where I can catch rays by the pool! And Mom made be scrambled eggs and cottage cheese for breakfa…

Given Sutter's importance as California's therapy dog-in-chief, well wishes have poured in for the little guy.

That time when @SutterBrown came by to sign one of my bills. Get well, little guy.

.@SutterBrown well wishes to CA’s “First Dog” from your furry friends at #SeaWorld #SanDiego

California's beloved First Dog @SutterBrown has taken ill. Please say a little prayer for him.

Sutter, who recently turned 13, was adopted by Brown after the 2010 gubernatorial election and has since been a fixture on Capitol Hill, attending bill signings, campaign events, and providing a glimmer of happiness where none typically exists.

He has also been a regular on BuzzFeed's list of most important corgis and grown his fanbase on Twitter.

It’s summer - be cool! Remember to conserve electricity during heatwaves, get #FlexAlert updates @California_ISO

In 2015, the governor and his wife adopted a new corgi, Colusa "Lucy" Brown, who assumed the role of “deputy first dog.” And together, they have conquered Capitol Hill in their own way.

But people aren't ready for Sutter's reign as first dog to end.

We're pulling for you @SutterBrown.


BREAKING: #FirstDog returns to work, resumes limited office trash can inspections, rigorous nap schedule. #GoodBoy

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