A Bear Who Walks Upright Took A Neighborhood Stroll Because Why Not

Nothing to see here.

This is Pedals, the bear in New Jersey known for walking upright who, until now, hadn't been seen for months.

Pedals walks upright due to an injury to one of the bear's front paws, mostly likely by a vehicle, officials say.

The bear otherwise appears to be getting along fine and was clearly able to make it through the winter after being last spotted in December, according to officials with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Agency's Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Officials have been attempting to keep tabs on the bear due to high public interest, and say Pedals likely took advantage of the region's bountiful acorn crop.

The black bear was filmed by Facebook user Joey Esposito, who posted the footage on Monday.

Despite calls from the public to help the black bear, wildlife officials have declined to intervene.

Experts also say wild bears should not live in captivity, the state agency noted.

Many bears in northern New Jersey have survived vehicle collisions and adapted to life with their injuries, surviving on natural foods within the reach of the ground.

"Black bears are very adaptable animals," the wildlife officials said.

So get on, Pedals. Live your best life.

Watch Pedals' entire neighborhood stroll here:

Facebook: video.php
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