Here’s How Famous Writers Are Reacting To Trump's Inauguration

"We appear to be living in an alternative reality where dreadful things you thought were impossible can happen." —J. K. Rowling

Before Friday's ceremony, many writers took to Twitter to express their feelings about Trump's inauguration.

J.K. Rowling referred to the inauguration as a "dreadful thing" she had imagined to be impossible.

Because we appear to be living in an alternative reality where dreadful things you thought were impossible can happ…

Stephen King wished for someone else to take Trump's place.

I wish anyone other than Donald Trump--left, right, or center--were taking the Oath of Office tomorrow. My preference would be Barack Obama.

He also said we are entering the "Age of Dumb."

Welcome to the age of plunder, bluster, and empty rhetoric. In other words, to the Age of Dumb. If you voted for him, you're responsible.

In response to King's reaction, Joyce Carol Oates proclaimed a "New Dark Age."

Judy Blume said she would not be watching the inauguration ceremony for the first time.

For the first time I will not be watching or listening to anything "inauguration."

Amy Tan made a joke about the apocalypse.

Weather forecast for January 20.

Margaret Atwood announced she would be participating in the Women's March in Toronto.

In view of no blizzard, dragging elderly body to all-genders #womensmarchTO in support of USA pals+in memory of others. Queen's Park 12 noon

Ayelet Waldman pledged resistance for the next four years.

We will be loud. We will be nasty. We will be in the streets, resisting. This weekend and for the next four years.

Roxane Gay mentioned how badly she had wanted to see Hillary Clinton inaugurated instead.

I really wanted to see Hillary Clinton being inaugurated today as the first woman president. I wanted it so badly.

Gary Shteyngart called the inauguration an "evangelical Eurovision contest."

Ever wonder what an evangelical Eurovision contest would look like? Check out the inauguration.

Maureen Johnson recommended not watching the ceremony as a way to "send a message."

The best and easiest way to send a message today: DON'T TURN THE TV ON.

But she also said that it was a time for unity.

Everybody, time to hold hands. We go in together.

Jodi Picoult talked about setting up solar panels during Trump's speech and how it seemed like a metaphor.

While @realDonaldTrump was alienating former presidents & govt in his speech, we were putting solar panels up in our front yard. #metaphor

Brad Thor said he felt blessed to "live in the greatest nation in the history of the world."

On days like this I am awed, humbled, & reminded how blessed we are to live in the greatest nation in the history o…

Sarah Dessen tweeted a reminder about self-care.

Quick reminder to take care of yourself today, no matter what you're doing. My plan is to watch my news consumption and focus on the good.

And Cheryl Strayed shared a poster about resilience.

Poster by Shepard Fairey.

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