How Richard Madden Brought Prince Charming To Life

The Game of Thrones alum tells BuzzFeed News how he transformed into Prince Charming for Disney's Cinderella.

Though the producers of Disney's new live-action Cinderella were confident they found their Prince Charming in Richard Madden, the Game of Thrones alum himself was frightened by the inherent responsibility of playing one of the most iconic fairy tale characters of all time.

"It was terrifying," he told BuzzFeed News during an interview at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. "Everyone has an idea of who the prince is and it's like, people were going to think, You're wrongly cast, or, He's not my idea of a prince!"

But watching the 1950 Disney animated movie helped calm Madden's nerves. "I realized we know nothing about him. We don't even know his name," he said. "So I could start from scratch and build a character who is first and foremost a son, a solider, and a friend as well as a prince. I got to make a real young man."

And here's how Madden — with various technicians across multiple disciplines — accomplished that in five simple steps.

1. Build the foundations of a good guy.

2. Go to any lengths necessary to perfect the hair.

3. Remember that clothes make the man.

4. Emphasize your strengths...

Since Madden had previously decided that Kit was a soldier, it's logical that he would be an excellent horseback rider and swordsman — a set of skills the script depicted in a pair of dazzling scenes. And luckily, Madden was familiar with both disciplines.

"I could ride well before, but I wanted to ride really well, especially for the first scene where we kind of dance on those horses," he said. "I was doing a lot of sword fighting and I did a lot of horse training — dressage and jumps and stuff like that to get sharp. The sword fighting comes to me more naturally and horse riding I just enjoy, so that doesn't seem like work."

5. ...And embrace your weaknesses.

And here's the end result:

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