Mourners And Soccer Fans Unite After St. Petersburg Subway Attack

Drivers also co-ordinated free rides home after the metro shutdown gridlocked the Russian city on Monday.

At least 11 people died after an explosion on a subway train in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Monday.

The explosion occurred around the Technological Institute and Sennaya Ploshchad stations at about 3 p.m., according to multiple reports by Russian state media.

Later in the afternoon, the anti-terrorism committee said it had found and deactivated a second bomb that contained shrapnel at Vosstaniya Square station, another St. Petersburg subway stop, the Associated Press reported.

While the investigation went on, many expressed signs of solidarity with mourners and locals organized efforts to get those stranded without the metro home.

The city's governor announced three days of mourning after the attack.

Three days of mourning declared in St. Petersburg after metro blast

At a soccer game in Moscow, fans of team Spartak held up a banner supporting St. Petersburg.

фанаты Спартака сейчас

“Endless is the pain that tears the heart to pieces. Piter, we’re mourning,” the banner states. Piter is a common short form for St. Petersburg.

"Mourning together," a second banner said.

Those at the game also held a minute of silence for the victims.

Сегодня трагический день... Минута молчания в память о погибших в Санкт-Петербурге.#СпартакОренбург #питердержись

"It's a tragic day.... Minute of silence to remember the victims in St. Petersburg."

Many other soccer clubs tweeted their condolences.

ФК "Ростов" выражает соболезнования родным и близким погибших и пострадавшим при взрывах в Санкт-Петербурге...

"Football Club 'Rostov' is expressing sympathies to the family and friends of those who died and got injured during the St. Petersburg explosion..."

The Zenit Football Club is based in St. Petersburg.

Zenit Football Club wish to express our deepest sympathy and condolences to all those affected by the explosions on the St. Petersburg Metro

A fan club for team Spartak tweeted that they won't be visually supporting their team for the first five minutes because of the St. Petersburg tragedy. "The first five minutes will be spent in silence."

В связи с трагедией в Петербурге мы отказываемся от всяческой визуальной поддержки на матче. Первые 5 минут проведе…

Soccer fans aren't the only ones who organized. The city was gridlocked after the metro shutdown, so drivers began offering free rides to anyone who needs them.

Фото из сети. Настоящие Люди #Питер

A screenshot from driving app Yandex Maps shows messages across the all saying the same thing: I will drive you. "Together, we're strong," one of the posts in support of the drivers read. "It's nice that there are so many people who care," says another.

The hashtag #домой, home, was used by those who needed or were ready to offer help.

RT Кто не может вызвать Яндекс.Такси, Uber, Таксовичкоф: пользуйтесь хештегом #домой в соцсетях. С помощью него можно найти свободную машину

"Anyone who can't call Yandex Taxi, Uber, Taksovichkov: use the hashtag #домой on social networks. Using it, you can find a free car"

A gas station started offering free gas to drivers who were picking people up.


This post is offering free gas and has a list of all the locations where drivers can drop by.

There was also a spreadsheet, a VK discussion board, and even a website created dedicated to helping people get home.

Ребята из питерских горпроектов сделали сайт, который помогает добраться до дома И координ…

"Guys from St. Petersburg's city projects made a site that helps with getting home and a chat in Telegram."

Many, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, brought flowers to metro stations and monuments across Russia to express solidarity.

Vladimir Putin honoured the memory of those killed in the St Petersburg metro

Горожане несут цветы к метро Сенная площадь в Петербурге в память о погибших в подземке.

Flowers at metro station Sennaya Square in St. Petersburg were left in memory of those killed in the explosion.

Flowers being laid for #StPetersburg metro victims at Moscow's eternal flame, outside Kremlin.

"Everything is understood even without words."

В общем, все и без слов понятно

"Remembering. Loving. Mourning. My condolences to the families and friends of the victims and the injured."

Помним.Любим.Скорбим. От себя лично выражаю соболезнования родственникам и знакомым погибших и пострадавших.#питер…

"Horrible. Depressed mood, you understand that anyone could have been there. I'm at these stations every other day. Condolences."

Жутко. Подавленное настроение, понимаешь, что каждый мог оказаться там. Сам через день на этих станциях проездом. #Питер #метро Соболезную

There was global support for St. Petersburg, as well. The Tel Aviv city hall changed its lights in solidarity.

In solidarity with our friends in #SaintPetersburg, #TelAviv city hall is lit tonight in the colors of the #Russian…

Even Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, tweeted his condolences in Russian.

Искренние соболезнования всем, кого коснулась трагедия в Санкт-Петербурге 🇷🇺

"Sincerest condolences to all those who were touched by the tragedy in St. Petersburg."

"Stay strong, beautiful St. Petersburg."

All my thoughts, condolences and prayers go to everyone affected by today's tragedy...Stay strong beautiful St. Pet…

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