Glenn Beck Comes After Grover Norquist With Muslim Brotherhood Claim

Beck said this was "just the beginning" and that he plans to do more segments on Norquist. "He is the guy responsible for a lot of the Muslim Brotherhood stuff that goes on in the White House, isn’t he?” Beck asked.

Glenn Beck went after Grover Norquist, the libertarian founder of Americans for Tax Reform, Monday, in what Beck said was "just the beginning" of segments on the Republican.

"He is the guy responsible for a lot of the Muslim Brotherhood stuff that goes on in the White House, isn't he?" Beck asked two guests of his show on TheBlaze.

"I saw terrorists in his office space," said Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy. "I had colleagues come to me and say, 'You know there's a Muslim Brotherhood front operating out of his office suite?'"

Beck also read off a list of things he said Norquist supports, including "sharp defense cuts in the time of war," and "gay marriage, promotes gays in marriage." Beck then asked Gaffney whether Norquist is a libertarian, or whether he is "playing for the progressive side."

"When you put it all together, I think most libertarians are not hostile to our country, are not hostile to our Constitution, are not working with, hand in glove, the radical left, to say nothing of the Islamists, to undermine, you know, the conservative movement," Gaffney said.

Beck also asked Daniel Greenfield of the David Horowitz Freedom Center why he thought Norquist was "playing for the other side."

"Well, if he were a freedom guy, then why would he be backing an ideology associated with a complete totalitarian regime?" Greenfield said. "Why would he be backing the solution of the United States, the misfortunes of the conservative movement, and why would he be doing everything possible to undermine the entire possibility that the Republican party can push a freedom-based agenda."

Beck ended the segment by saying that he was for people in favor of the Constitution, and that it is "time for somebody to take on the establishment Republicans and tell you exactly who's who."

Asked if Norquist had any response, spokesman John Kartch said in an email: "No -- This is all verbatim from Frank Gaffney over the last decade. We have ignored Mr. Gaffney for ten years and the few folks who have repeated his conspiracy theories have to answer for their own judgment. Nothing new. Ten-years-old conspiracy stuff."