This Guy Had A Hilariously Weird Fight With The New York Times Crossword

Things got...sexual?

This is Matt Negrin, a New York–based journalist who is also completely obsessed with the New York Times crossword.

When Negrin thought he saw some hidden messages in his puzzles, he asked the NYT crossword about it.

Dude, @NYTimesWordplay, wtf? Lay off, man.

Negrin's screenshots show three recent clues with a common theme: "Dissolve a relationship," "Breaks up," and "No longer a couple."

The NYT crossword had some bad news. "We need to talk..." the account tweeted back.

"It's better this way." 😬

@MattNegrin No, it's better this way. A clean break. Best for all involved. Or not involved, as it were.

Negrin blustered.

@NYTimesWordplay I'll meet other crosswords online

But the NYT crossword was ready to move on.

@MattNegrin Please don't beg me to stay. Let's part with our dignity intact.

Negrin just wanted to know why.

@NYTimesWordplay is there someone else just tell me who or how many do they subscribe or just do the free midis

That's when the NYT dropped a bombshell. Turns out Negrin had subscribed to another crossword!

@MattNegrin Oh Matt, does it really matter? We both know it hasn't been the same between us ever since you subscribed to the @AVCXWord ...

You dog!

Negrin tried to claim it didn't mean anything.


But then the other crossword showed up in the mentions and blew up Negrin's spot.

@MattNegrin @NYTimesWordplay it's been a pretty long one time. A whole one time year. Pen. Paper. Brunch. Park.

This was getting super messy, tbh.

@AVCXWord @MattNegrin NOT THE PARK. Matt, you told me you only did the Times #crossword in the park.


And things only got weirder from there.

@NYTimesWordplay @AVCXWord it's not the size of the grid that matters. it's how you fill it.

Negrin and @NYTimesWordplay kept up their back-and-forth for an entire evening and most of the next day.

"I was unsure if @NYTimesWordplay would get back to me," Negrin told BuzzFeed News. "We've flirted before... sometimes I brag about the times that I finish the daily mini puzzles. They're always very snarky."

He said that despite their previous dalliances, he didn't expect such a "rapid escalation" of emotions.

"But I'm not surprised that they held their own. It comes from a real place."

"Sometimes you can't explain it," Negrin said. "When you meet someone, you know."

Here's the rest of Negrin and @NYTimesWordplay's strange journey. (Don't worry, they made up in the end.)

@MattNegrin @AVCXWord Does AVCX make you feel like more of a solver? You can tell me.

@NYTimesWordplay @AVCXWord i'm not calling AVCX easy... just easier...

@MattNegrin @AVCXWord But you said that the fact that we weren't easy is what you liked about me.

@NYTimesWordplay @AVCXWord it's complicated..all these memories..i remember the first time i put my fingers on you..that silky touchscreen..

@MattNegrin @AVCXWord No, Matt. We can't. There's no going back. Unless ... you commit totally. SUBSCRIBE TO ME, MATT.

@NYTimesWordplay @AVCXWord you said it wasn't about the money.

@MattNegrin @AVCXWord It's not about the money. It's ... about the commitment. Knowing that you have no other puzzles besides mine.


@NYTimesWordplay @AVCXWord you're using me.. to fill your boxes! i'm tired of going across and down! when was the last time YOU went down?

@MattNegrin @AVCXWord Making it personal isn't going to win me back. You never could find my rebus anyway.

For all the non-crossword nerds, the rebus is a special square that can take more than one letter.

@MattNegrin If I had a nickel for every solver who believed that ...

@NYTimesWordplay i've solved many puzzles in my lifetime, but solved none as much as i solved you...suppose we're all looking for true solve

@NYTimesWordplay i'm sorry for all those times i couldnt finish. and i had to ask you to check puzzle.

Things got a little hot and heavy from there.

@NYTimesWordplay let's do it... right now. I don't need a warm-up. I'm ready for a Saturday.

@MattNegrin I believe you, stud. But we should work up to that. Let's share a Wednesday first.

@NYTimesWordplay @mwhitrock @jheil make-up solving is the best


@NYTimesWordplay wow... that was amazing. that's the fastest I've ever finished!

@NYTimesWordplay *turns over and yawns* sorry what was that? sure whatever you say


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