Somebody Photographed UN Trucks Inside The U.S. And Now People Are Freaking Out

"Next you are gonna see the trucks stocked with the plastic coffins!"

Photos of United Nations trucks being transported on American highways are making the rounds online, and many people are freaking out.

Stern's photos were picked up by the Daily Mail, as well as numerous conservative and conspiracy outlets.

The trucks appear to be Pit-Bull VX SWAT vehicles, made by Virginia-based Alpine Armoring.

Alpine Armoring supplies armored vehicles to the military, police forces, and other organizations.

Fred Khoroushi, the company's CEO, told BuzzFeed News that "not very surprisingly, we have been receiving lots of innocent and not so innocent inquiries and wild speculations on this subject matter."

Khoroushi said that seeing UN vehicles being transported on American roadways is not unusual or cause for alarm.

"These vehicles would presumably end up where the UN wants them deployed at," he said.

A company spokesperson earlier confirmed to the debunking website Snopes that the trucks seen in the viral photos were bought by the UN and were being shipped overseas.

In spite of that clear and logical explanation, people are claiming that the trucks are illegally patrolling inside the United States, and that President Barack Obama is breaking the law by allowing it.

Other reports linked the trucks in Virginia to other sightings of UN vehicles and equipment elsewhere in the U.S. "Next you are gonna see the trucks stocked with the plastic coffins!" this person said, referring to a popular conspiracy theory that FEMA is preparing to arrest or kill thousands of Americans.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin also noted the Daily Mail’s story on UN trucks. She said on her Facebook page that the UN “just gets curiouser and curiouser” and demanded greater accountability of the Obama administration’s “unexplained actions.”

Conspiracy websites have been warning of a UN takeover of America for years, and images of UN trucks caused a panic in 2015 and 2014 — though a UN invasion never materialized.

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