Watch Ben Carson Joke About Mispronouncing "Hamas"

"Now how do you pronounce that?"

During an exchange with a voter at an event in Atlanta on Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson joked about his repeated mispronunciations of "Hamas" at the Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum last week.

At the end of a question and answer session, a voter asked Carson about President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran.

The questioner said he believed that the Iranian government "will use the money that they receive from this deal to go fund terrorists like Hamas and Hezbollah, and to murder Americans, Israelis, Europeans."

"Now how do you pronounce that?" Carson interrupted, laughing. "Hamas," repeated the questioner.

"No, just kidding," Carson replied.

"You know, you didn't sound that bad," the voter added. "I went and listened to it."

"I know," nodded Carson.

"You pronounced it right!" the voter concluded, before pivoting back to his question.

Watch the exchange here:

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