A Photographer Called Out Quavo For Not Crediting Her In An Instagram Repost And Other Photographers Are Relating

"I wonder how many bookings I would have got if homie had tagged me."

I wonder how many bookings I would have got if homie had tagged me 🥲

Twitter: @BreeGaloreGyal

A photographer is getting a lot of sympathy from her industry peers after she tweeted about a time in 2019 that Quavo reposted her photo without a credit on his Instagram account.

Breanna Seward, 25, is a multimedia artist and licensed aesthetician. Although the incident happened nearly two years ago, Seward tweeted about it this week and her tweet quickly went viral.

"I wonder how many bookings I would have got if homie had tagged me," she wrote, sharing a screenshot from Quavo's Instagram post of her photo.

Seward told BuzzFeed News that in September 2019, she was working as a photographer and shot the photo of Quavo outside a New York Fashion Week event.

They didn't speak, but Seward said she was one of the few photographers he posed for. Afterward, on Sept. 8, Seward posted the photo of Quavo to her Instagram account. Quavo reposted it on his Instagram account on Sept. 24 but didn't share her handle or give a credit for the image. Quavo's repost of her photo amassed over 200,000 likes. A representative for the rapper didn't return a request for comment.

Seward was unaware he had reposted her photo until she was told by friends who spotted it reposted a week later on the Instagram page of Motown Records, uncredited again.

Seward tried to reach Motown Records about getting credit for her photo on their page, but didn't hear back. BuzzFeed News has contacted the record label for comment.

"At the time I was hurt that they just took the photo from my page without thinking twice about tagging me so I commented on the photo itself," said Seward.

Although this happened almost two years ago, Seward said she tweeted about it this week because she reposts her work all the time on Twitter, and good content is timeless.

When the tweet began to go viral, many photographers could relate to her and started sharing stories.

@BreeGaloreGyal Been there! Except they misspelled my @ 🙃 I tried sending DMs & obviously got lost in the comments lmao

Twitter: @Shayacane

my actual villain origin story 😔 https://t.co/zsMQFcreSb


Some people recommended Seward use a watermark in future, advice she said she is taking.

"I do use them now but they can be distracting from the story being told," she said.
"This is the only time it happened it me, I just wonder if they would have used the photo if there was a watermark."

Once her photo started to go viral, people went to the comments of the photo to ask for a credit.

"Quavo leta show love to individuals that need to be acknowledged," wrote one supporter.

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