Influencer Chunkz Posted A Wholesome Song Against Bullying On Instagram And People Love It

"I had to let my people know / Bullying ain't something I'm letting in my zone."

This week in the UK is anti-bullying week. A new report commissioned by cyberbullying charity Cybersmile and Instagram found that nearly two-thirds of young people in the UK believe that people are using words like "banter" and "no offence, but" to excuse bullying behaviour, both on and offline.

Because of that, Cybersmile and Instagram have launched a campaign to address this called, "Banter or Bullying? No Offence," bringing together different people to represent the cause. One of them is musician and influencer, Chunkz.

Chunkz wrote an anti-bullying song that he posted on his Instagram account. In the video he sings: "I had to let my people know / Bullying ain't something I'm letting in my zone."

The video has been viewed 250,000 times, and people love it.

Chunkz told BuzzFeed News over Zoom that while he wasn't a victim of bullying himself, he always stood up for his friends when they would be bullied. "Any type of like, experiencing any discomfort I used to just get involved and make sure that they were good," he said.

The 24-year-old said the fact that bullying can follow you home from school makes it even harder.

"Social media is definitely a big influence, and actually made it worse," he said.

He said that before his social media platforms got as big, they were just accounts for just his friends and people he knows.

"So it was all like positive, obviously, now becoming a social media influencer, however you want to call it nowadays, I'm obviously going to experience much more negative comments," he said. "And to be fair with me, thankfully, I've just grown up with thick skin. So like, I don't really let anything what people say, like affect me, because I'm very sure of myself."

Chunkz said he brushes negative comments off and doesn't really mind them now, but there was a time when social media comments did get to him.

"At the beginning, I was much more like, self conscious, like I was aware of my weight, and my gap, and my teeth, and my hair, or whatever," he said.

He said he is grateful for all the ways you can stop negative comments getting to you on social media.

"Thankfully, social media has things like, you can block someone, you can limit their comments, you can become a private account, there's loads of different things they can do to kind of avoid or like, lessen that amount of negative comments," he said.

As a message to young people, Chunkz said: "If you are the person that's doing the bullying then think twice before you're making a joke about someone or bullying someone.

"If you are the person that's getting bullied, don't worry, man there's going to be better days," he said.

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