People Are Sharing Their Black Boy Joy And It Is The Best Thing Ever

Thanks Chance.

Last week after the VMAs, Chance the Rapper, shared photos of himself along with the hashtag #BlackBoyJoy.

Nicholas Hunt / FilmMagic / Via Twitter: @chancetherapper

The hashtag existed before Chance’s tweet, but the rapper’s use of the inspiring phrase lead to a huge number of men sharing photos.

And people are loving it.

#blackboyjoy is awesome. We steal boyhood and joy from so many black boys & men. I love to see a happy, playful black boy/man.

The pictures people have shared are guaranteed to make your day. Like this boy going down a slide.

S/O to @chancetherapper for being a PHENOMENAL MAN! Pic: My Nephew Quadir playing at the playground. #BLACKBOYJOY

Or this guy smiling.

Smiling is a key component to Joy #BlackBoyJoy ✊🏾

Since Chance started the #BlackBoyJoy hashtag my crews gotta be a part of it 😁😁😁

This little boy is just out here living life.

#BlackBoyJoy a handsome blessing😘😘😘😍😍😍🙌🙌 Duglas🙌🙌

Pictures of people in their natural element.

No better feeling than when I'm in my element #BlackBoyJoy

I still mess with u, u just ain't ever heard. #pejashot #BlackBoyJoy Pc @urgfjournalist / @Candalien

And this cutie off to a date.

Y'all can't tell me my nephew ain't the ish. Here he is going on a movie date. Lol. #BlackBoy #BlackBoyJoy



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