Is It Medically Possible To Lick A G-Spot?

Another Round's Tracy Clayton takes us down memory lane of the weirdest medical mystery meme from early' 00s

We talk to BuzzFeed's Tracy Clayton, host of the Another Round podcast about the heyday of in the early '00s.

David Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

Tracy wrote 22 Things Only People Who Had A Black Planet Page Will Understand about what the social network was like in the early and mid '00s. predated Friendster and Myspace by a few years, but a lot of the things from the site would go on to influence other social media. Things like signing people's page became like the Myspace wall. One feature that was significantly different was that you could see who had viewed your page – good for flirting, but terrible for creeping.

One unique meme that grew on Black Planet was calling people's guest page their "g-spot", and saying that by signing it, you were "licking their g-spot":

This was a vexing question.

So I asked Dr. Madeline Castellanos, a medical doctor and author of Wanting to Want: What Kills Your Sex Life and How to Keep It Alive, who knows a lot of about sex if this was medically possible. Here's what she says:

So unless you were like Gene Simmons (and if you ask him, he would probably say he has :) ) you cannot really reach a G Spot with your tongue. I'm not saying it's impossible, but that person would have to have a seriously abnormally-long tongue. Some people get the frenulum of their tongue clipped so that they can stick it out further. There are so many great toys - and of course fingers - available, that it doesn't seem like a good risk/benefit ratio just for that.

  1. What do you think, is it actually POSSIBLE to lick someone's g-spot?

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What do you think, is it actually POSSIBLE to lick someone's g-spot?
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    Yes, if you're talented enough.

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