Internet Explorer Podcast: The One Where We Finally Talk About Furries And Kylie Jenner

Not at the same time, unfortunately...

Oh shit... it's time for another episode of INTERNET EXPLORER! This week we discuss something that is old as the dawn of the internet, and something that is only very new: furries and Kylie Jenner conspiracy theories.

Furries are people who dress up like animals. The animal character of their choice is their "fursona".

The age-old question with furries has always been "so..... is it a sex thing?" We dive deep into the answer.

Then we jump into the Tumblr/Twitter conspiracy theory that there are actually two Kylie Jenners.

Kylie being a "catfish" because of how different she looks on Instagram is a reoccurring theme.

Could dozens of strangers on the internet be on to something? We investigate.

Kylie Jenner is a catfish I swear

Kylie Jenner is a catfish don't let her fool you

Idk why but some of these pictures have me thinking Kylie Jenner is a catfish😭

Kylie Jenner is a series catfish man 👀

Oh, and Julia learns about "Slash," the genre of fanfiction where you imagine a non-cannonical sexual relationship, like Snape and Harry Potter.

Or whatever this is...

OK bye! Make sure to subscribe to us on iTunes to get a new episode with more ~campfire tales of the internet~ each Wednesday!

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