Internet Explorer Podcast: Would You Use An App To Pee In A Stranger's Bathroom?

This week's podcast is about NEEDS (an app that finds you a strangers' bathroom) and WANTS (the meme of ordering insane delivery pizza requests). You will both want and need to listen, it is your destiny.

This week we have a FANTASTIC episode of BuzzFeed's Internet Explorer for you. Listen on iTunes or here on Soundcloud:

Katie and Ryan start things off this week teaching Julia about beezin, a cool teen craze where you try and get high from Burt's Bees lip balm (spoiler alert: it doesn't work).

Then BuzzFeed tech reporter Joe Bernstein comes on to talk about his experience trying out Airpnp, an app where strangers let you pay to use their bathrooms.

Can an app finally solve the problem of what to do when you're out and about, nowhere near home or a clean public restroom, and nature calls? (Spoiler alert: no it cannot.)

Then we discuss the meme of "none pizza with left beef". Basically a way of creating the WORST possible pizza from Dominos. Trust me, it's funny.

Which is part of a larger thing where people just mess with brands. Here's a guy reacting to a prank 4chan played on Mountain Dew in 2012.

View this video on YouTube

The same prank that resulted in this happening...

And then finally we give a shoutout to Hermit Thrush on Twitter. He's the most complicated, frustrating, offensive, yet endearing troll we know of. Follow him at your own risk (he tweets A LOT).

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