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16 Weird Things Americans Do On The Internet According To Indians

"Every weekend they have a new Facebook album with photos of what they did. Every. Damn. Weekend."

Posted on July 22, 2015, at 7:23 a.m. ET

This week BuzzFeed's Internet Explorer podcast does a deep dive into what the internet is like in India. We interviewed All India Bakchod, one of India's coolest and most controversial YouTube groups.

To celebrate our India-themed episode, we asked Indian Twitter users to tell us some of the weirdest things they've seen Americans do on the internet. Here are some of the funniest responses:

1. "Blaming Obama for every damn thing. That happens a lot."

— _sjacob

2. "Live tweet TV shows and well spoilers all around. I have to stay off Twitter when I wanna watch Pretty Little liars."

— brainsofahippo

3. "A lot of American kids take videos of them doing a certain drug and then post it on Youtube, which I thought was bizarre."

— shayan_sr

4. "Bizarre selfies."

— panchu007

5. "Upload videos of them twerking, I think there are so many beautiful dance forms that they could choose from, why would you choose to twerk?"

— karimasanela

6. "Take the internet way too seriously :)"

— ssdatar

7. "Every time I tweet something I'm really scared of looking stupid or having typos, but Americans don't have that problem."


8. "Every weekend they have a new Facebook album with photos of what they did. Every. Damn. Weekend."

9. "Write food blogs where every other ingredient is kale."

— wastrelette

10. "Say things like 'I can't even.' That doesn't make sense. But I'm supposed to know what you 'cant even.'"

— khizm

11. "Shake Shack Vs In-N-Out rivalry. Again, don't get it."


Just tried Shake Shack. In-n-Out can go fuck itself.


Every time someone posts a picture of In-N-Out Burger I weep a bit inside. Fuck this Shake Shack nonsense.

"The best is In-N-Out!" "No way, Shake Shack all the way!" "My favorite is Five Guys!" *silence* "Get the fuck out of here, Terry."

12. "Obsess over grilled cheese sandwiches. Which are ACTUALLY FRIED. In a frying pan. With butter."

— KhizM

13. "Illuminati confirmed."

— prat157

14. "They either write for Thought Catalog or they hate on Thought Catalog."


I love @ThoughtCatalog omg the articles are so beautiful (":

15. "It's their ability to make anything go viral, you know like random people."

— sahilriz
The Ellen Show



16. "Minions..."


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