Bryan Singer Accuser Will Name Three More Alleged Abusers, Lawyer Says

Focus on Hawaii.

LOS ANGELES — The man claiming that X-Men director Bryan Singer sexually abused him will file suit against three more "Hollywood executives," his lawyer said Sunday.

A spokeswoman for Jeff Herman, who represents plaintiff Michael Egan, told BuzzFeed that the lawsuits will target men who traveled to Hawaii, where the abuse allegedly took place in 1999 at a lavish mansion in the Kailua neighborhood. The spokeswoman, Kayla Repan, said she did not know whether the men were also present at parties in Encino, Calif., where Egan and other teenage boys were allegedly sexually abused and threatened.

Singer has flatly denied Egan's charges, with his lawyer dismissing them as "completely without merit."

Herman's announcement — via an alert to the press that he will hold a press conference Monday afternoon with Egan and his mother at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills — could broaden a case that the lawyer has suggested is meant to be an indictment of Hollywood's culture of sex and power, and not just of one alleged abuser.

"Hollywood's got a problem," Herman said last week.

The suits will — like the initial lawsuit against Singer — be filed in a Hawaii federal court, according to Herman's press release.

Egan filed a separate suit involving sexual assault in Los Angeles Superior court in 2000.

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