Russians Have An Entire Week Dedicated To Eating Pancakes

Americans should celebrate the end of winter like this.

Every year, Russians do this thing called Pancake Week.

It's known as "Maslenitsa" in Russian.

It's this thing where they eat lots of pancakes all week long.

And they can also throw them too.

Pancake week has roots as a pagan holiday celebrating the end of winter.

And in the Orthodox Church, it's seen as a week of feasting before Lent.

They burn an effigy of "Lady Maslenitsa" because winter's over, guys.

And they have pillow fights in the snow.

And pillow fights while sitting on a beam.

And they build snow forts.

And climb up poles for no reason.

And wear funny hats.

And makeup.

And then men run into each other sometimes.

Pancake week is a ball.

And pancakes are awesome.

Happy Pancake Week, y'all!