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People In Red States Trust Their State Governments More Than People In Blue States

People in less populated states tend to be more Republican and tend to trust their state government more.

Posted on April 10, 2014, at 2:02 p.m. ET

A Gallup poll found out how much residents in each state trust their state governments.

North Dakota was the most trusting of its state government, with 77%, while Illinois was the least, with 28%.

Of the top ten states with most trust in their state government, eight have Republican governors.

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Gov. Jack Dalrymple of North Dakota (left), Gov. Matt Mead of Wyoming (center), and Gov. Gary Herbert of Utah (right), who are Republicans.

The poll found Republican or Republican-leaning states had a higher percentage of people who trusted their state government.

"Using Gallup's 2013 data on state party affiliation, average trust in state government is 67% in solidly Republican or Republican-leaning states, 58% in competitive states, and 53% in solidly Democratic or Democratic-leaning states."


Here's the trust in state government map laid over the 2013 party identification map.

However, the Republican trust advantage may have more to do with state population than politics, Gallup noted.

The less populated states are, the more trust there tends to be, and less populated states also tend to be more Republican.

"Larger states have larger economies and more citizens needing services, and often more diverse populations, so they may be more challenging to govern than smaller states. The population size-trust relationship may help explain the finding that trust in state government tends to be higher in Republican-leaning states than Democratic-leaning ones, since larger states tend to be Democratic and smaller states Republican."