This Video Is All You Need To Understand The Internet In 2014

The most popular guy on YouTube broadcasting himself playing the Kim Kardashian game.

This is PewDiePie, who, with just shy of 30 million subscribers, is the most-followed channel on YouTube.

In his videos, he mostly broadcasts himself playing video games while narrating the experience.

The Wall Street Journal says he's bringing in $4 million a year, thanks to advertisements.

Recently, PewDiePie played the Kim Kardashian game and broadcast it on his channel.

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He calls the game "genius, really" but his review says, in unkinder language, that he wishes there had been more women's breasts.

(Also, note: more NSFW language if you watch the video.)

Perhaps you're familiar with the Kim Kardashian game? It famously brought in $1.6 million in five days earlier this summer and cost your friends hours of sleep.

So there if you have it. If you would like to explain to aliens what it is that's going on on the internet, you can show your alien friends this video. The best parts of the internet? No. but a big part nonetheless.