This Baby And Giant Dog’s Friendship Proves All You Need In Life Is A Dog Twice Your Size

They're so cute OMG.

An Instagram account's pictures of a giant standard poodle and a tiny baby have become a hit.

Instagram user Tamanegi posts pictures of their three giant standard poodles Qoo, Riku, and Gaku and their 1-year-old granddaughter Mame.

Riku and Mame get on super well. They read the newspaper together.

Choose books together.

And dress up together.

They're truly a perfect team.

So cute.

In fact, all of Tamanegi's dogs get on super well with Mame.

It almost looks like these doggies are raising the baby.

Everyone who sees photos of the team falls completely in love. Each photo gains thousands of likes and gets loads of cute comments.

What a perfect family.

You can watch more of them here. 😄

Facebook: video.php

This post was translated from Japanese.

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