The Boys Trapped In A Cave In Thailand Wrote Their Parents These Heartbreaking Letters

"I'm doing fine, but the air is a little cold but don't worry. Although, don't forget to set up my birthday party."

Members of a teen soccer team who have been trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand with their coach for two weeks have written heartbreaking letters to their families.

"I'm doing fine, but the air is a little cold but don't worry. Although, don't forget to set up my birthday party," one boy scribbled on smudged yellow paper, which was carried back to his parents by British divers on Friday.

"Don't be worried, I miss everyone. Grandpa, uncle, mum dad, and siblings I love you all," wrote another. "I'm happy being here inside, the navy SEALS have taken good care. Love you all."

Thai authorities posted the letters on their Navy SEAL Facebook page on Saturday.

"Don't worry, we are all strong. Teacher, don't give us lots of homework!" another joked.

One boy asked his parents if they could go to a fried chicken shop when he gets out of the cave, while another said he was craving pan-fried pork.

“Don’t worry that I am missing for two weeks, I will help you at the shop soon,” one of the letters read.

Among the letters was one from coach Ekkapol Chantawong, who had been exploring the cave with the 12 boys when they became trapped by floodwaters on June 23.

“To all the parents, all the kids are still fine. I promise to take the very best care of the kids. I want to say thanks for all the support and I want to apologise to the parents,” he wrote.

“I am well. Do not worry about me so much. Please look after yourself. Uncle, please tell Grandma to cook some crispy pork rind with a spicy dip. I will eat when I get out. I love you all.”

Rescue teams from across the world have been supplying the boys and their coach with food and oxygen since they were discovered alive on July 2.

Authorities initially said it could be months before they could be safely evacuated, yet on Saturday the head of the rescue mission said there is "limited time" to get them out before heavy rains hit the area.

"The critical point is when it rains again. ... There is limited time," Narongsak Osatanakorn told journalists.

It comes a day after a diver died while laying down oxygen tanks along a potential exit route, after falling unconscious when his own oxygen supplies dwindled.

The case has sparked international concern. On Friday, billionaire Elon Musk tweeted that engineers from two companies he founded — SpaceX and the Boring Company — were heading to Thailand to aid in the rescue efforts.

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