Way Too Many People Are In Favor Of Bombing The City From "Aladdin"

Agrabah, city of mystery and enchantment, is apparently under threat of being flattened like a magic carpet.

Everyone who has ever watched Disney's Aladdin is familiar with the towering parapets and general splendor of the Sultan's palace, looming over the city-state of Agrabah.

Ruled by a kindly monarch, Agrabah is nobody's idea of a threat, unless we're counting that unfortunate 48 hours or so when Jafar was in command.

But Republican voters aren't so sure that Agrabah isn't an enemy of the United States, lying in wait for the moment to strike. At least, that's what we can discern from a new poll of GOP primary voters from Public Policy Polling.

The firm, which has become known for inserting insane questions into otherwise staid polls, asked voters if they would support or oppose bombing Agrabah. 30% of those asked said they'd totally be cool with (magic) carpet bombing the city-state.

Lest Democrats gloat too heavily, the firm also asked their primary voters the same question. In that case, 19% of voters are totally cool with bombing Agrabah, which is way too many people who want to start a campaign that may last 1,001 Arabian nights.

We asked the Agrabah question to Dem primary voters too. They oppose bombing 'it' 36/19, while GOP supports bombing 'it' 30/13

But everyone knows that even with all the might of the U.S. military, challenging Agrabah would be pure folly — they'll always be one jump ahead of us.

For one, Agrabah — despite being not very advanced technologically — is ~fantastically wealthy~ and could easily buy support from other countries.

More importantly, THEY HAVE A GENIE. The U.S. would be doomed.

But given the way that the voters who want to take on Agrabah lean, a President Trump could see us in a whole new world of pain.

Trump is at 45% with Republicans who want to bomb Aladdin and only 22% with ones who don't want to bomb Aladdin

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