Vladimir Putin Is Immortal And The Internet Has The Proof

This news will send shockwaves through the art world and eastern Europe alike.

The Mona Lisa, painted by Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci in the early 1500s, is one of the world's most famous paintings. More than 9.3 million people visited its home at the Louvre in Paris, France in 2013 to catch a 15-second glimpse of it.

Behind that enigmatic expression, however, there are secrets, dear reader. Secrets unlike those that art historians or best-selling novelists could have ever imagined. Because if you look at the Mona Lisa from just the right angle...


Главный секрет Моны Лизы

Yes, Russian President Vladimir Putin is really Lisa Gherardini, the wife of Florintine noble Francesco del Giocondo, in disguise. Or Putin traveled back in time to pose for Da Vinci. One of these things is probably true. Probably.

But wait. The mystery deepens. Because it turns out Putin may not just be the Mona Lisa. Putin may be the foundation of classical art as we know it.

Because look here. Vladimir Putin was also a Greek general.

Am I the only one to think this General Valtinos (19th century Greek) looks like #Putin?

And the subject of several paintings by Dutch painter Jan van Eyck.

@shaunwalker7 It can't be! Only van Eyck's paintings look like Putin...

He's even found in the works of MC Escher.

Raro:"This MC Escher drawing looks like Putin" ->:http://t.co/XR9Q2S4kH8

So Putin is clearly either a time-traveling 16th century nobleman's wife, a 19th century Greek general, or an 18th century Dutch model. Believe us, dear reader, when we say we will be ~investigating~ this deeply.

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