This Video Shows That The Refugee Crisis Is Ongoing And Still Deadly

A rescue operation on Wednesday managed to save more than 500 people — but as the number of those trying to reach Europe by sea starts to rise again, the number of drownings is also increasing.

This video released by the Italian navy on Thursday captured the moment when a boat packed with more than 500 people completely overturned in the middle of the Mediterranean the day before.

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While an estimated five people died, in an operation that's been described as "miraculous," 550 of the boat's passengers were rescued from the water.

But many of the passengers of another boat that also went under off the coast of Italy on Thursday were less fortunate.

#opSophia the @Armada_esp frigate #ReinaSofia now rescuing these #migrants spotted by #SW3Merlin3 aircraft...

Though around 100 people were rescued, the European Union's rescue mission said at least 20 to 30 were feared dead.

Sea-Watch, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing migrants and refugees whose boats sink, blamed the deal between the EU and Turkey for the resurgence in people attempting to cross from North Africa to Europe by sea.

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"Aboard the boats are many Syrian and Iraqi people," the group wrote. "As we predicted, EU-Turkey-Deal is forcing the refugees to change their flight routes from Turkey to North Africa. We now see the result."

According to the IOM, this year has been less deadly than the last for the thousands of people attempting to reach Europe by boat — an estimated 1,370 people had lost their lives as of Tuesday, compared to 1,792 at the same point last year.